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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I want to do films which entertain people

The 34-year-old approved her easily with art films if she featured in Shob Charitro Kalponik and Pankh. "As an amateur I wish to do acceptable roles and I wish to do acceptable roles in absorbing films. I don't wish to do acceptable roles in art abode cinema, which no one is traveling to watch," Bipasha told the media actuality Monday.
"I accept done that in a accurate year. I was alone aggravating to do aesthetic films and I absolutely formed harder on them, but cipher saw them except me. So I wish to do films area I absorb people, humans appear to theatre and yet I accept a ambit for performance," she added.
In the city-limits to advance her accessible abhorrence flick Aatma, Bipasha, however, antiseptic that she is not abstention art abode movies.
"I never said that I will not (be accomplishing art films)," said Bipasha abacus "At this moment I am absorption on films, which will acquire money and at the aforementioned time I get to perform."
And the extra was on the backfoot if media bombarded her with questions accompanying to her animadversion "nobody watches art films".
"The analysis amid art and boilerplate cinema is shrinking. Things are alteration and audiences are aperture out to see all kinds of films. So it is in fact affective to bigger times now," she explained.
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