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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saif to be crowned the 10th Nawab of Pataudi

Saif Ali Khan

After the death of Nawab Masur Ali Khan Pataudi, the residents of Pataudi wanted his son Saif Ali Khan to be crowned as the 10th Nawab and take the place of his father and continue the family tradition of the royalty.

Very soon the ceremony will be taken place at Pataudi where Saif would be crowned the next Nawab.

A source revealed, “The people of the princely state were keen to crown their chote nawab. Princely states were abolished in 1971, and Mansoor Ali Khan was the last nawab who reigned from 1952 till 1971. For purely sentimental reasons, the people of Pataudi wanted Saif to be the crowned nawab.”

Apparently, Saif is reluctant to step into his Mansoor’s shoes. For Saif, the title of nawab is an outdated as he said, “And also, I would like to remember my father as the last nawab of Pataudi.”

“These titles are no longer recognised by the government. And rightly so, if you ask. But the people in our villages are sentimental about these things. The ceremony is more of a family tradition and hugely symbolic for the people of Pataudi. The event will take place in Pataudi, of course. It is scheduled for the end of this month, 40 days after father passed away.” added Saif.

Talking about his new responsibilities as the nawab of Pataudi, Saif said, “Being crowned the nawab means taking care of my father’s estate, our ancestral home and the trust. More importantly, I will have to continue the work he was doing for the villagers. I have to look after the eye hospital and other charitable institutions father was managing.”

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